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STEP #1:  Quantitative Analysis (Where are you?)
ActionThink! can help with researching and quantifying competitive and industry positioning to assess current opportunity trends. This includes weaknesses, strengths, target client information, and identifying customer behavior to optimize usability. We will examine all the available data and synthesize it to create a meaningful model of current activity.

STEP #2:   Calculate and Define Objectives  (Where do you want to go?)
ActionThink! can help to establish your goals with a mission and/or vision statement and financial forecasting. This step includes vendor comparison, strategies, projections, and timelines based on your priorities.

STEP #3:   Game-plan (How do you want to get there?)
ActionThink! can help by breaking down the specific quantifiable goals and assessing different tools and resources available to achieve those goals. A 360 degree perspective takes into account projected results, time-frame, cost-efficiency, resources, unique product opportunities, ease of implementation, competition and other predetermined priorities and available resources.

Advertising Campaigns

Online Promotion

 Sponsorship Opportunities

Customer Relations

New / Enhanced Revenue 

Direct Marketing

Strategic partnerships

Database Management

Public Relations

Improved Reporting Solutions

STEP #4:  Implementation (Just Do It!)


  • Generating unique sponsorship and sales promotion programs
  • Structuring syndication, international, and/and or licensing deals
  • Producing Web and offline collateral material (i.e.; sales proposals, presentations, media kits, sales sheets, eBooks)
  • Implementing public relations through online and traditional media
  • Setting up systems to increase traffic generated by search engines and online directories
  • Managing newsletter and direct email campaigns which maximize results and respect privacy
  • Creating advertising campaigns including concept development
  • Copywriting, media planning and negotiation, tracking

  • STEP #5:   Assessment (Review and Adjust)
    ActionThink can help you by formulating meaningful metric reporting systems to monitor and adjust near-real time behavior trends provides business objectives for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database development. ActionThink!'s expertise includes, designing efficient systems for management of advertising sales and calculating Return on Investment of web site pages, production, sponsorship and marketing... 

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