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ActionThink! -- expert solutions to difficult problems on the Web

The speed of technological change, the market‘s fluctuating demands, and an excess of abstract “sales-speak,” continue to make online decision making difficult for everyone. ActionThink! offers high-quality solutions that bring sanity to the process, without exorbitant fees that fail to guarantee results. Ensure that your resources build your own organization and not theirs.

ActionThink! Can Help

#1) Build Sales:
 Using direct marketing, effective communication materials, influencer targeting, and strategic social media, ActionThink! develops integrated solutions specifically targeted to your stakeholders. Through testing and knowledge development, your relationship with your audience deepens, resulting in increased sales. 

#2) Monetize your Audience: Strong brand development and audience relations lead to achieving relevant KPIs. The beauty of the current landscape is that there are so many options to choose from, with more popping up every day. But, these can be overwhelming, so careful strategic analysis of your positioning in the marketplace is vital to reach your potential. The opportunity is out there, let us help you find it.

#3) Leverage Knowledge: Use primary and secondary research, competitive and trend analysis, business and strategic planning, cost/benefit analysis, vendor comparisons, operations troubleshooting, syndication, and licensing to achieve your financial objectives. Make sure you're making smart decisions and taking care of the easy fixes. 

We've done it before, don't waste time reinventing the wheel.

#4) Services: ActionThink! understands the technological complexity and rapidly changing market trends which define doing business today. Whether you are a nonprofit, large public business or consultant, the principles are the same. ActionThink! has talented specialists who offer over years of experience in:
  • Advertising             
  • Public Relations
  • Traffic Flow Metrics Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Content Creation and Curation
  • Research, Community Development
  • Membership Programs
  • CRM Database Management
  • Newsletter Creation and Distribution, and much, much more.
#5) Experience: Our successful track record has resulted in increased traffic, sales, community, and other KPIs. ActionThink! considers your comprehensive Web strategy and, integrates with offline efforts, to have a unified impact on your organization. The identification and resolution of macro/micro situations are key to surpassing your goals and creating new ones. 

#6) Philosophy: Through a commitment to optimization, leveraging assets, and synergizing the complexities of marketing efforts, ActionThink! provides practical solutions to confusing online problems. Our driving forces are; streamlining, simplicity, return-on-investment, prioritization, valuing talent and demanding accountability.